Tours through the Baltic States

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are a great attraction for many distant nations. These are EU countries that have yet to be discovered. It is curious that those coming to us are always surprised by the beauty of the cities that have remained largely intact across time, by many European links between our culture and history, as well as by unspoilt, sparsely […]

Active leisure

Travel through five Lithuanian national parks. Experience how green and welcoming Lithuania is. Did you know that there are about 3000 lakes and lakelets here? In summer bathe in the crystal clear lakes of the Aukštaitija, Žemaitija andDzūkija national parks, and visit ethnographic villages and mills. Travel on the Lithuanian rivers and lakes – it […]

Lithuania presentation

You are in Lithuania. Feel the surrounding green nature: meadows and hills are everywhere. Hear how the land is praised by singing birds. Five national parks are waiting for you. Travel through refreshing forests, see cultural monuments: castles, mounds, churches, crosses. Discover Lithuanian history and art. Taste Lithuania, literally.  You are in Lithuania.